Heart of Succulents (With roses)


A Special Design that certainly will impress your special one and CAN LAST & GROW.

*Made to order within 48 hour notice

If you are looking for a gift with extraordinary factors, this is the right one. Arrangement of variety of colourful succulents and wooden pink roses in a white wooden heart shaped box. Roses will stay there forever, and succulents will live and grow healthily.
Wide: 20cm
High: 9cm

Care tips:
This box contains Premium Cacti and Succulent soil acted like a pot to grow these succulents, which can last with same beauty to look for months up to a year. When they are outgrown still can be cut and grow in bigger pot or in garden.
As there is no drainage hole (for display purpose), minimum water required at the roots (not at the faces) by using small syringe you can find easily at any Pharmacy (once per week in summer and once a month in winter). Place it indoor near windowsill where direct sunlight can access or outdoor with roof and direct sunlight. Then all we need to do is to enjoy these beautiful living creatures grow endlessly.